How To Replace The Batteries In A Braun Vitality Toothbrush

Braun is one of the leading companies in electric toothbrushes. These toothbrushes are most effective in eliminating germs, plaque and stains from the teeth. The constant movement of the rotating head acts as a buffer in the teeth. Braun toothbrush operated with rechargeable batteries, wishing the past few years. The fall is that no matter what as well you take care of the toothbrush, batteries eventually lose their power. Change the battery requires a little hard work, but it is much cheaper to replace one toothbrush all. This will generate an idea?

Turn the cap of the lower part of the degrees of toothbrush 45 counterclockwise, or until doesn´t spin already. Grab the bottom lid and body of the toothbrush and separate them. Remove the outer shell of the toothbrush.

Place the toothbrush so it sits upright. Place the two thin pieces of wire on the circuit board near the bottom of the toothbrush. Cut the wires with a soldering iron, as close as possible to the circuit board. All you need is a slight touch of hot welding to cut the cable. The lower part can be now removed the rest of the toothbrush.

Squeeze both sides of the piece at the bottom of the toothbrush. There are two hooks that keep you connected, but will come loose once you tighten them. Remove the bottom piece and set it aside. This part has a spring mechanism and coil needed to recharge a battery, so not to lose them or let them fall.

Search on the top side of the circuit board. There are two thin pieces of metal that connects the circuit board with another part of the toothbrush. Carefully cut the pieces with the soldering iron. Pull the toothbrush circuit board to reveal the battery.

Remove the battery through the bottom of the toothbrush. Place the new battery with the positive side up, to the top.

Place the Board in the toothbrush, as it was before. Place the two thin pieces of metal that had to be cut to remove the circuit board. These are heated with the soldering iron and keep the flow of solder against them. If the metal is hot enough, the flux will melt to connect metal parts.

Replace the part at the bottom of the toothbrush. The bottom of this piece should have a small notch. This line notch with the center of the stage and push the workpiece until it clicks.

Weld the two thin wires to the circuit board. Make sure that you are in the same places that were originally.

Replace the outer shell of the toothbrush and turn clockwise to lock it.