How To Sharpen A Bow Saw

Sharpening a hacksaw usually prevents the sheet to be killed. It is important to know if your bow saw has special hardened teeth, which is very common in these mountains, which are sold today. This can be determined by consulting a representative at a local hardware store. Hacksaws with special hardened teeth cannot be sharpened, and treat the process of sharpening them will damage them and make them potentially unusable. The sharpening process is not too difficult and requires only a few tools available at a hardware store or home improvement. This will generate an idea?

Place the hacksaw in the Vice of the sierra and send it with a file flat until the saw teeth have a top flat.

Run the file from three sides on the teeth so that each tooth receives at least three mass movements of the file. When this is over all the teeth should look identical.

Place the handset set the saw at the end of the hacksaw blade to the seals in the play point to the first tooth. Press the handle on the handset to set the tooth. Repeat this process for all the saw teeth.

Hold the hacksaw in the clamp of the sierra near the base of the teeth. File with the file of the saw teeth in a horizontal angle of 60 degrees.