How To Recover Patio Chaise Lounge Cushions

Patio chaise lounge cushions used, stained and faded after a few years of use. Generally, furniture frames are in good condition but the cushions are not attractive. Acquired cushions can be expensive and much time the color or pattern that I work with the ideas that I have in mind are not available. Visit your nearest fabric store and choose a good fabric useful, especially if the fabric is on sale. This will generate an idea?

Examine the cushion old patio chaise lounge. It is foam or filling in good condition? If not measure the cushion and buy new foam or filling material. Make sure that the new filling of the cushions is designed for outdoor use. Regular foam can be used if shock absorbers are entering and not left at the time.

Measure the old chaise lounge cushion to determine the necessary yardage. Purchase the yardage required, allow extra for stripes or patterns and ties to secure to the frame chaise lounge cushions. Buy fabric. If you leave out all the time pads buy a resistant to the Sun such as Sunbrella fabric.

Make a pattern of the old pad in newspaper. Allow 1/2 inch margin everywhere. Measure the length of the long-standing ties and make a note of it.

Cut foam new using periodic pattern. Cut the fabric with the drawn pattern. Cut the fabric for the ties.

Stitch the seams of fabric, leaving one end open for filling and turn out right. Sew the loops and attach the cushion cover using the same position as the old mattress. Sew the Velcro on both sides of the open end of the cushion cover.

The pad on the pad sleeve and fasten the Velcro opening. Fixed to the structure of chaise lounge with ties.

If pads are outdoors, we recommend periodic treatment with a water repellent.