How To Make Dried Sausage

Drying sausage is a great way to preserve meat, but also adds a new texture and consistency. It rehydrates well in soups and does well on its own if you´re planning a long hiking trip. The process of drying sausage is really dehydration-taking the excess liquid from the meat. Dehydration can occur in an oven or a dehydrator. Test that the method used can maintain the temperature during a prolonged period of time as a drop in temperature may increase the likelihood of bacteria that live in your sausage, particularly if the meat was hunted and not bought in a supermarket. Add this to my recipe box.

Preheat the oven or dehydrator to 145 degrees Fahrenheit one day in advance. You leave it on for 8 hours and regularly test its temperature with a cooking thermometer. If you lose heat, don´t is used to dehydrate meat. They do not kill salmonella or other bacteria potentially living in their flesh. If your computer has its temperature, proceed to the next step.

Place the sausage on a table for cutting. Cut into 1/4-inch strips.

Preheat the oven or dehydrator to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. When the oven or dehydrator has reached the proper temperature, place the strips of sausage on the rack or slats.

Dehydrate the sausage for four to 10 hours, checking on it regularly. When the sausage is pliable but not brittle, it is ready.

Put sausage in a plastic bag or a glass jar and leave it open. Let it continue to dry for 24 hours before sealing.